About Us (me)

Hello! I’m Rita Madsen and I’m the owner of Strictly Rita :) I started making wax seal art on social media in February 2022. During this time, I was going through some stuff, as we all do from time to time in our lives. I found this hobby to be really therapeutic for me, and I’ve had many fellow hobbyists say the same. It’s also a bit frivolous. Self care, if you will. 

When I would post my videos I had so many viewers asking where they could buy the supplies, specifically the wax seal stamps. So in February of 2023, I decided it was finally time to open up an online store with all of my favorites. The bulk of my inventory is 3D wax seal heads. I decided to carry only the heads, I have SO many handles floating around, I thought many of you might have the same problem. The store is filled with my favorites, and it’s been an absolute pleasure curating my inventory. 

I hope you will find as much joy in this hobby as I do. That joy will travel through the mail and end up in someone’s mailbox, creating more joy! Or. You can also just make them to make them. No accountability check ins here.

Thank you for checking out my site and indulging in my passion ✨

Strictly Curated. Strictly Fun. Strictly Rita.