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Strictly Rita

Clear Cameo

Clear Cameo

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Aka Antique Cameo Cobochon Intaglio Wannabes. Ok, except for the antique part, they aren’t wannabes. They actually ARE cobochons as well as intaglios. And when you press them, the seal IS a cameo. Let me give you a little background on these. This obsession of mine all started while watching reels made by of seals being made with antique stamps on Instagram. Sometimes I would see tiny carved stones that looked like they had once been set in jewelry, and sometimes carved beads that were actually set into jewelry were used, like rings, necklace fobs, etc. I loved the intricate detailing in them, but when I searched to buy one for myself, I found them to be SO expensive, especially for how often I’d be using them. And then I came across these glass beads used in jewelry making, and thought I’d try them out. And they seemed to work a lot like the ones I was seeing on Instagram, but without the high price tag. Over this past year, I’ve been looking to buy them in quantities of more than one for the shop, and finally found a source! Clear Cameo is one of 3 different intaglios we carry in the shop. They are all made in West Germany, and I’m absolutely in love with the cameo motif as well as the faceted edges.

I will tell you, they’re trickier to use than a normal seal, because they don’t have a handle. When I see them press antique ones, they just use their fingers. I’ve kind of rigged up a makeshift handle, by putting a sticky dot on the end of one of my regular handles (at the end of the screw part), and it seems to work quite well. Let me know if you guys figure out something that works better!!

Intaglio measures 1” X 3/4”

Makeshift handle not included, lol.

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