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Strictly Rita

Iced Lemonade

Iced Lemonade

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Do you love our Transluscent Wax?! Guess what?! IT COMES IN INDIVIDUAL COLORS NOW!! So if you have a shade preference and didn’t want to buy the whole variety pack for that one shade, we got you!!

This wax has a different consistency, so be warned. If you’ve used shark tears before, they’re a lot like that, but a bit softer, I’d say a mix between our clear wax sticks and shark tears. You know what that means: the spoon will be more difficult to clean than with regular sealing wax. If you get it hot enough, it will wipe out with a tissue, but it may take couple of rounds of heating and wiping

P.S. If you have the Bejeweled stamp, this wax is a must have!!

Each bag contains approximately 100 translucent wax beads.

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