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Strictly Rita

Strictly Fun :) Gift Card

Strictly Fun :) Gift Card

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When you want to gift someone with a little fun, this is perfect. It’s the gift that keeps on giving fun, and here’s how:

1. You buy a gift card. Fun for you, and fun for the person who receives it.

2. The recipient gets to go shopping at Super fun.

3. Then I get to participate in the fun as I hand package the fun items and send them off to the lucky person.

4. Then. Opening the package!! FUN!! Seriously, there’s just something about getting mail, and I don’t mean Amazon type mail, I mean personalized, wrapped for you type mail.

5. Then the person gets to use their items over and over again to create art. Ok, this part’s getting me teary. Fun 🥹.

6. And then the fun goes on as handmade seals are gifted to others through mail, or any other type of embellishment.

It’s truly the funnest gift a person could get, imo.

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